Good News: Take Me to Church

Our son Justus has been trying to figure out his own way when it comes to faith. We have purposely not pushed him. We don’t want to pressure him to be a certain way just because he’s the pastor’s son.

Some might disagree with us, but we have not even made him come to church. (Read Forcing Our Children to Go to Church) We have felt that forced attendance will not necessarily help his faith. We have offered and encouraged but never forced. We have taken the position to just love him and pray for him.

Yesterday, Justus came with me to our men’s breakfast. He enjoyed himself and felt like the men were happy to see him but were not overwhelming. He told me at that breakfast that he wanted to come back to church.

This was a Logan and Abby weekend, so Amanda stayed home with them. That meant that it was just me and Justus going to church. He wanted to attend to continue to learn how to run the soundboard. So he sat with the sound guy and had a blast. People were happy to see him but again didn’t make him feel uncomfortable for not having been there.

It is hard to just let go and not force things on your children. Trust can be hard. But patience and faith are winning out. To us, it felt like a parenting winning. Watching Justus take communion with the sound guy during the service really made my day.

This is my good news.

Why do I blog good news?

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