A Challenge For Pastors in the New Year

There was a time not long ago when it was trendy fir churches to develop vision/mission statements. We don’t hear as much about it now, perhaps because most churches have now adopted one and so it is less a topic of conversation.

These statements are good but the danger is that it is officially adopted and then is just filed away in a drawer. The process of creating one can be ticked off and now everything is done.

A vision/mission statement is only as good as it is followed by the congregation. This requires much effort by the pastor and other leaders to continually bring up the statement and hold the congregation to the chosen direction.

Mission Statement

My church has a mission statement that includes four parts: welcoming, growing, worshiping and sharing. I was not involved in the creation of this statement but I like it. My impression is that most of our congregation forgot about it soon after its adoption. I have been working at highlighting it and keeping our congregation on track.

The start of the New Year is a good time to be thinking about these things. Don’t let statistics about failed resolutions prevent you from setting goals.

My intention is to take the next four years to focus on each of the four parts of our mission. So starting in January, I’m going to help strengthen our congregation as a welcoming church. Since this is already one of our strengths, it is a great place to start. I’m going to preach a number of sermons throughout the year related to welcoming. I will also work on improving how we connect with visitors to the church. We get regular visitors but there are ways for us to connect with them better than we are now.

The details are not as important as is the fact that I’m going to be intentional on implementing our mission statement.

My challenge to my fellow pastors is for you to look at your vision/mission statement and to consider how you can implement it in the coming year. Just pick part of it and put it into practice, reminding your people that they have a mission to accomplish.

What will you do in this coming year?

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