A Relic From the Past

PECSOur family recently moved to a new house. It is not surprising that in the packing and unpacking that long lost items turn up. I recently noticed on the floor something that I hadn’t seen in years.I saw one of the PECS that Logan and Abby used to use.

What are PECS? It stands for picture exchange communication system. One of the aspects of autism, especially on the severe end of the spectrum, is that of communication deficiencies. This does not mean that spoken language is impossible, but the person struggles to use verbal communication as their main mode of communication.

Both Logan and Abby are considered nonverbal. When they were younger, one of the things we did was equip them with PECS. They would carry binders with small pictures of items they might want. They could use the pictures to make a sentence, such as “I want” “grilled cheese.”

This was a part of our life for quite a while. There are more advanced technologies available that do the same thing but this worked when we needed it.

Now our children can generally can ask for things they want or need. They may not use verbal communication to have conversations but they can make basic requests.

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