31 Days to Become a Better Pastor: Take Time to Worship

WorshipI have already talked about the importance for pastors to grow in their relationship with God in a previous post. Related to that but still distinct is the importance of worship.

How are they different? When we seek to grow in our relationship with God, we are looking to receive something in terms of a better spiritual life. While worship can play a role in that, worship is primarily about what we give rather than what we get.

It can be a challenge for pastors to regularly offer worship. We are busy during the service, preparing for the next thing we do. Our mind can easily be about the tasks and not on God.

One option is to attend another church on our Sundays off. I do this and I enjoy it. But even then, I must admit that I’m looking for ideas to borrow. Worship needs to be an intentional decision.

We can also consider other ways to worship. It may be listening to worship songs in our car. It could be reading the Psalms (and not to look for sermon ideas). It could be by offering prayers of thanksgiving.

The most important thing to remember is that just because we are in the church building more than others doesn’t mean that we are worshiping. We need to make worship opportunities a priority.

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