31 Days to Become a Better Pastor: No Major Decisions on Mondays

MondayI’m told that Christian job sites have biggest spikes of pastor resumes on Mondays. That is, it is most likely on the day after a Sunday service that a pastor is looking for a new position.

The reason for this is that pastors put too much emphasis on what takes place Sunday mornings. Of course Sunday morning worship services are important and we should care about them. But pastors can experience either an unrealistic high or low depending on how those couple of hours went on that one morning.

The pastor may be discouraged by the low attendance or sleeping congregants. Perhaps the music was of poor quality or we blew the sermon, stumbling over our words. It could have been a thoughtless comment by someone in the congregation.

While Sunday mornings are important, they are only part of our pastoral ministry. It can be tempting to make a decision on Monday that is based almost completely on what took place the previous day. That decision may or may not be reflective how we really feel.

If you had a bad Sunday, don’t make any major decisions on the Monday. Take some more time to think and pray. Don’t make a decision that you may come to regret.

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