Good News: Not a Typical Sunday

My Sundays usually follow a regular pattern. The morning is spent at church, likely followed by a nap and then an evening swimming with the kids. The only thing hat happened today was the nap.

Here is southern Ontario we had an ice storm. Many of the churches in our area cancelled their services and this morning we decided to do the same. This was typical for me back in my days pastoring in Meaford and Woodford but not at Queen Street. We certainly didn’t expect it in April.

How is any of this Good News? Amanda helped me get the word out and we had some good leaders who made many phone calls. Everyone did their part.

As much as I love church, it was nice to have a morning off. Amanda and I spent much of the day watching the Lost in Space series on Netflix. Sometimes Good News can be just a day with a change of pace.

Why do I blog about Good News?

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