The Year in Review

I am writing this on the last day of 2018. It is a natural point to look back on the year and reflect on what has happened over the last twelve months.


This has been an eventful year for our family. After renting for the last couple of years, we once again began homeowners. This was a big step for us. The best part of this move was a new new school for our children which has been fantastic. Our children are thriving in this school. The teachers are really investing in them.

One of the most exciting events was Amanda starting her seminary studies at McMaster Divinity College. Amanda had been working on her undergraduate degree but McMaster offers an equivalent to a Master of Divinity for those without an undergrad. I’m so proud of how well she has done.

Our three youngest are really doing well. Emma and Faith are discovering their interests, especially in the area of art. Justus joined army cadets and he is loving it.

Logan and Abby are having a rougher time. Abby has been having more meltdowns, which has been triggering Logan. This means that we have been seeing less of Abby. We are hoping for some improvement in 2019.


There have been a number of changes for me personally. One is that I made a decision to do a major shift in my studies. For the last seven years I have been working on my Doctor of Ministry. I had taken a couple of years off because of health and other things and felt like I lost my momentum. I have decided to set aside my previous research and start my thesis over with a new topic. My interests have shifted more toward the church and disabilities.

After a number of years of bad health, I have now had the best year of health I have had in a long time. I am on the lowest number of meds that I have been in years. I feel great. So great, that I am attempting to get back into the army reserves. Please pray for this process.

I suppose I should mention that this year I turned fifty. This was not as traumatic as I expected. I was probably more stressed out when I turned twenty-five. Amanda threw an amazing party for me and I was able to spend it with some friends from all chapters of my life.

Oh, and I got my first tattoo as well.


I have just completed my third year as the pastor of Queen Street Baptist Church. I love this church and my intention is to retire here. For 2018, I focused on the part of our church mission of being a welcoming church. It was already great at welcome but I have seen much growth.

Another major event was the first event for our junior youth group. As a dad of three children ages 10-12, this was important to me personally. It worked out amazing and the kids are asking for more.

I am so excited to see what the next number of years have for QSBC.

Overall, it has been a good 2018. I am thankful to God for the many blessings we have experienced. I look forward to 2019.

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