Walking Dead: Season 8 – Review

Me dressed as Negan for Halloween

The seventh season of Walking Dead was a hard one to watch. It was not just dark, it was oppressive. Although the episodes were well done, I had to force myself to watch the next one.

Some wondered if it was the beginning of the end for the Walking Dead.

The eighth season was a return to glory. I thought it was one of the best seasons of Walking Dead that I can remember. It begins with the Kingdom, Hilltop and Alexandria allied against Negan and the Sanctuary.

For a couple of episodes, it almost felt too positive as the good guys won victory after victory. But just like real life, that can’t last and things begin to fall apart.

There were a number of things I really liked about it. Eugene is always a favourite and it was interesting to watch his development and the writers kept us guessing which way he would go. Father Gabriel was a character that I originally didn’t like but I loved the development of his character.

There was a death of a major character, someone who went back right to the beginning. I won’t say who but his death was well done and was used far more than just for shock effect. It was quite moving.

I particularly appreciated the ethical struggles that were wrestled with. There was a blurring of the good guys and the bad guys. How bad would the good guys get to beat the bad guys? Were some of the bad guys not so bad? Could their problems be solved by just killing some more living humans?

The season finale was amazing. It was one of the best season finales of any series I watch. There was great action plus some surprising twists and turns. There was a satisfying conclusion and yet coming conflict was also set up.

If you gave up on the Walking Dead because of season seven, come back and give season eight a try.

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