Gotham: Season 3 – Review

I had lost some interest in Gotham with the second season. While I like Hugo Strange in the comics, I had gotten bored of his creation of “freaks.” It felt like Gotham was losing its way.

I still decided to give the third season a try. I wasn’t crazy about the first few episodes focusing on Jim Gordon as a bounty hunter tracking down the freaks. But it got better.

This season had a number of elements. One was the Court of Owls, a secret society that been running Gotham behind the scenes for a long time. Another was the complex relationship between the Penguin and Riddler. I quite like the way they have done these two characters.

There was also some work on the character that will become the Joker. It was a good step forward.

One of my favourite parts of this season was the development of Bruce Wayne. This season advanced Bruce much closer to his destiny as the Batman. His training went to a new level and we are starting to see that this skinny kid could become the Batman.

Gotham is still a weird show. It often feels like someone took the 1960s Batman TV series and the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and tossed them a blender. Sometimes its campy and sometimes its dark.

Some familiar characters died and some new characters (although not new to the comics) were introduced. The place where it ended made me look forward to the next season.

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