What Churches Need to Know About People With Disabilities

Yesterday, we had a town hall meeting at our church. This was to look at, among other things, ways we do outreach and ways we welcome. Numerous topics came up and one of them was disabilities. Although I’m an advocate for people with disabilities, I wasn’t the one who brought it up.

A lady in our church who is blind, shared something with us. She is known to have frequent nuggets of wisdom and I often find myself learning from her. This is what she said:

People with disabilities don’t just want to be helped, we want to be included in doing ministry.

Too often churches talk about ministry to people with disabilities and too often forget ministry with people with disabilities.

We all need to be recipients of ministry, but we can be the one ministering as well. There is no reason why people with disabilities should be excluded from this.

Continue to reach out to people with disabilities in your congregation. But ask yourself how you can include them in other areas of ministry in your community.

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