Another Teenager

Today another teenager was added to the family. Justus is now thirteen years old and enters a new chapter of his life. It seems like only yesterday that we brought this tint baby home from the hospital.

We are so very proud of Justus. He is a very bright kid. He may not be so excited about school (although he is doing well) but he is filled with natural ability. He loves to figure out how things work by taking them apart and putting them together again.

Justus is also a very funny kid. It is no surprise that he draws other kids to himself. Younger kids are really excited to be around him. Justus can swing from extreme immaturity to extreme maturity in the blink of an eye.

Joining cadets has been really good for Justus. He is developing responsibility and is able to sharpen his leadership ability. We are excited to see where these teen years will take him.

Happy Birthday Justus!

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