Star Trek Discovery: Season Two – Review

I have been a Star Trek fan for many years. I can honestly say that Discovery is one of my favourite series in the franchise.

One of the criticisms I have heard is that Discovery is good science fiction but doesn’t feel like Star Trek. I thought the first season did a good job of digging into Star Trek history, the second season went even further.

One of the major parts of this season is Section 31, an organization first introduced in Deep Space Nine. More than that, the Starship Enterprise appears and with it a number of familiar characters.

At the end of last season, the Discovery was without a captain. After being contacted by the Enterprise, they receive Christopher Pike as their temporary captain. Pike was the captain of the Enterprise before James Kirk and was the captain in the pilate for the original series.

They begin a quest to discover the meaning behind a number of signs in space. This quest eventually includes a search for Spock, who had gone missing. The main character of Discovery is Michael Burnham, who as a young girl was adopted by Spock’s family.

This introduces the concept of the Red Angel, a time traveller who is attempting to stop the destruction of all life in the galaxy. This mystery has close ties to Michael and her past.

I must admit that I loved the way they used Pike, Spock and the Enterprise. Not just for nostalgic reasons, but because the characters were used to well. I will say that I actually enjoyed this updated version of the Enterprise than what we got in the last three movies (and I thought they were pretty good). Spock is such a familiar character and yet he was presented in a fresh way. Some new Star Trek series will soon be starting and I wish a Pike-led Enterprise series was one of them.

Star Trek Discovery

I truly loved this season and I eagerly anticipated each new episode. I will be looking forward to the third season and how they bring thing together after the mysterious ending of this second season.

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