The Family – Review

FamilyI have been doing some research on Family Ministry and came across The Family: A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home by Jack and Judith Balswick.

This book covers so many topics concerning families, including marriages (including divorce), sexuality and child development. One of the things that I liked is that the authors didn’t just tag proof texts onto traditional Christian views of the family.

This book wrestles with the changes in society and interacts with scholarship concerning the nature of the family. It is also deeply theological, continually drawing us back to the Christian worldview.

Another thing I liked is that this is called “A Christian perspective” and not “The Christian perspective.” There is a lot of humility in the book and an acknowledgement that faithful Christians disagree on some views of the family.

I thought the treatment of controversial subjects, such as divorce, masturbation, homosexuality and others were done very respectfully and balanced. I would have liked to to have seen more discussion on how disabilities affect family dynamics.

The Family is a helpful resource for pastors, parents and professors. It is good in terms of family ministry but also for just understanding families better.

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