A Picture of What Ministry Can Look Like

Queen Street Baptist ChurchAt Queen Street Baptist Church we have been running a ministry on Saturday nights for our downtown community. My wife Amanda gives leadership to both the worship service and the meal that takes place there, although neither her nor I started that ministry.

It has been a challenging but rewarding ministry as we have mix of poor, homeless, addicts and people just looking for community. It really feels like living out the gospel.

We have just started a new partnership with LIFT Church in St Catharines. This is a campus of another church that is composed of Brock University students and meets on the Brock campus. They are working with us on our Saturday ministry.

As I looked around, I was impressed with what this ministry was looking like. Queen Street is an older congregation that has been around for 186 years. LIFT has been around for only a few years. We are Baptists and they are Pentecostals. But none of that matters.

What matters is that we both serve the same Jesus and have a desire to love the people of our community in tangible ways. It was so rewarding to look around the room and watch all the people working together, developing relationships and serving those in need.

I’m looking forward to what this partnership will look like as we move forward. I expect that we will all grow in our knowledge of God and ministry.

It is a beautiful picture of what ministry can look like.

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