How Scotiabank Taught Me About Leadership

Scotiabank, the bank we use, recently updated their mobile app. Not surprisingly, there were some glitches. I went on Twitter and found it was not just me but plenty of people were complaining about the problems, I decided to add my voice to the Twitter rant.

The easiest thing that Scotiabank could do would be to ignore our complaints and focus on fixing the app. Instead I got this message:

I wondered if they just wanted to get my complaints offline but they continued the conversation by direct message. They neither dismissed my frustration nor got defensive about the complaints. They heard the frustration, communicated the progress and let me know when the problem was fixed.

I was quite impressed with their service.

It made me think about leadership in general. We are all going to face situations when people we work with are going to get frustrated with us. We have to decide ahead of time how we will respond.

Defensiveness and dismissiveness are not helpful. We need to hear and acknowledge the frustration, do what we can to solve the issue and communicate the progress.

Thanks Scotiabank for fixing the app and being a good reminder of leadership.


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