Star Wars Trilogy – Review

Star WarsProbably the most defining mythology of my childhood were the Star Wars movies. By the movies, I mean Episodes IV-VI. I memorized the lines, played with the toys and revisited the stories over and over.

The movies are great, but it is nice to also read the novels. I suspect the percentage of people who have watched the movies who have also read the books is quite small.

I read through the Star Wars Trilogy with my son and very much enjoyed the experience. Even though I knew what would happen and could even anticipate the lines of the characters, it was fun.

There were details in the books, and even whole scenes that were not in the movies. There were also descriptions of the inner feelings of the characters during familiar scenes that were interesting.

One of the things that I noticed is that A New Hope, written by George Lucas, did not anticipate the prequels. There were a number of things in that story that explicitly contradicted what we discovered in the prequels. We can’t give Lucas too hard time, as he was probably just hoping for sequels and not even thinking that prequels would be made.

While all the stories were good, some were better than others. I would say Empire Strikes Back was the best, followed closely by Return of the Jedi. The plot of A New Hope was good, but I found some of Lucas’s writing to be kind of clunky.

Even if you have watched all the movies dozens of times, I encourage you to read the Star Wars Trilogy.

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