Jessica Jones: Season Three – Review

With the third season of Jessica Jones, the Marvel Netflix chapter comes to an end. How was this final season of these Netflix originals?

I have to say that I have found Jessica Jones to be the least likeable of all the Netflix Marvel heroes. No, not because she is a strong woman. Her personality rubs me the wrong way. I understand that she is written that way as a victim who is suffering with PTSD. But it also doesn’t get me excited to watch the series.

This season was okay. The first number of episodes were really slow, something typical of the Netflix style. I didn’t find the villain all that interesting. He never seemed like that much of a threat.

The season really revolves around Trish Walker. Trish had always been envious of Jessica’s powers. An experiment at the end of last season ended up giving her powers. In the comics, Trish is a superhero named Hellcat. I was amused when Trish tried on costumes, including one like the Hellcat costume from the comics.

Trish was really the most interesting part of the season. We got to watch her evolve from an envious bystander to a naive hero to a cynical vigilante. Those who really loved the character, probably weren’t happy with where she ended up.

We are meant to be horrified by Trish’s violent actions toward criminals. And yet we cheer on Frank Castle (the Punisher) when he does the same things but on a grander scale. A double standard?

I think the reason why Jessica Jones was not that interesting for me is because of the Netflix style. Every Marvel Netflix series (except Daredevil on occasion) seemed to try and fit too little story into too many episodes. I suspect this season would have been really good if they had shortened it to about five episodes.

Will we ever see Jessica Jones in the MCU? It is too early to tell. But at this point, I’m fine with this series coming to an end.

Jessica Jones

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