What Are the New Steeples?

Church SteepleThe past week I have visited the community that I grew up in. There are no high rises in this area of town. In fact the highest features are church steeples.

Both times I was there, I looked around and could see church steeples rising above the other buildings, reminding the community of their presence. Unfortunately, two of the four churches in that community are closed down.

Most new church buildings don’t have steeples and even if they did, they would probably be hidden by the larger buildings surrounding it.

This got me thinking. In what ways do churches remind their community that they are. Would you have to show up at one particular time on one particular day to know something was going on?

I’m not arguing for a new architectural feature but a missional vision that gets people into the community.

I won’t say that my church is perfect. But we try to interact with the community. Sometimes that is feeding people from the community in our building and sometimes it is going where they already are.

What a church does can vary from context to context. But every congregation needs a missional version of steeple, something that rises above and reminds people that the kingdom of God is here and active.

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