Good News: Thankful For Cadets

CadetsJustus just got back from two weeks of camp with army cadets. He joined cadets last September and we weren’t sure how he would do with it. He likes his freedom and we wondered how he would do with the discipline required.

It ended up that Justus thrives in the army cadet setting.

He has been interested in the military for a long time and was excited when I joined (and then rejoined) the army reserves.

These past two weeks were a confirmation about how well cadets fits with Justus. He told me that quite a few cadets went home early, just not being able to handle it. But I think Justus could have stayed all summer.

My only regret is that I didn’t join cadets when I was his age. We have seen a positive transformation in Justus as a result of cadets. I would encourage parents to consider cadets (army, air or sea) for your teenagers.

You can find information about the cadet program in Canada here.

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