Good News: Pastor Amanda

Yesterday was the last day of my vacation. Most pastors don’t attend their own church when on vacation but I did. That was because we had a great preacher.

That preacher was Amanda Bedard.

Amanda is the Outreach Director for Queen Street Baptist Church. Since I get more vacation than she does, she is available to preach for me for some of my Sundays off.

Not only did Amanda preach, she led the entire service. I believe that this is the first Sunday morning service that she led by herself. She did a fantastic job, both preaching and leading.

Not only this, but the night before she led our Saturday night service. She led and preached that service, plus prepared (by herself) all the food for the meal we have after the service.

It has been a pleasure to watch Amanda grow into her ministry role. She has natural gifts and those gifts are growing through hard work.

I’m so proud of Amanda and that is my Good News.

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