Worship and Music Are Not the Same Thing

Worship MusicI once applied for a youth pastor position and was horrified to see that the role included “worship leading.” My fear was because I have no ability in singing or instruments.

I equated worship with music.

I learned that the church saw prayer, Bible readings and many other things as part of worship in addition to music, This is of course correct.

At the same time, it is natural for us to fall back into equating music and worship. I found myself, after opening readings and prayers and as we were about to sing, I would say, “As we begin our time of worship.”

I have to remind myself and my congregation that worship is much more that just singing hymns or other songs.

I have begun to introduce the music portion of our service with, “As we begin our time of singing.” Yes, there is a transition, but it is not a transition from non-worship to worship. It is from non-singing to singing.

How do you reinforce the idea that worship is more than music?

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