Good News: A Promising Start

I recently posted an update of what is happening with my Doctor of Ministry thesis. This past week I was heavy into research, especially digging into journal articles.

My Good News is I feel really pumped about this research. I’m not sure what is different. Is it because my last attempt was interrupted by some difficult life circumstances? Or is it because disabilities as a topic is closer to my heart?

I don’t really know but I’m feeling really good about this. As I read the articles, it gets me excited, not just for how it will fit into my thesis, but how it will fit in my ministry.

I have felt some discouragement as I should have finished my DMin years ago. But right now I feel encouraged that this can be done. Not just can be done, will be done.

I look forward to the week that my Good New posts is that the final version of my thesis is submitted. That will be a number of months from now but at least it feels achievable.

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