Good News: Enjoying the Lincoln and Welland Regiment

Lincoln and WellandI have now been able to put in a full month as the padre at the Lincoln and Welland Regiment after the end of our summer stand-down. I am very much enjoying this role.

In some ways this is different from my previous experience with the Lorne Scots. Not that my previous experience was bad. Rather I came to the Lorne Scots after some time of them not having a padre.

Here I have come while the previous padre is still here and in fact we will be working together for the next few years. This has worked out well. Padre Tom Korkcok has knowledge and connections that I can benefit from. Plus, he has cultivated a culture in which padres are valued.

In addition, I have really appreciated getting to know the soldiers at the regiment. There are some great men and women serving there and it is an honour to be there with them.

Having this opportunity is something I am thankful for and this is my good news.

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