Alien: Covenant – Review

I was a big fan of the original Alien movie and enjoyed the sequels. So I was happy to see Alien: Covenant appear on Netflix.

Alien Covenant

This movie is both a sequel and a prequel. It is a sequel to Prometheus and a prequel to Alien. In fact the main purpose of this movie to link Prometheus to the Alien movies.

In many ways, is the origin of the alien species that has been the bane of humans for numerous Alien movies. Ironically, those aliens are not really alien. Rather they are the result of a human made virus that was used to wipe out an alien race. But the virus was developed and evolved on another planet, so I guess alien fits.

The movie was interesting but not as good as the other Alien movies. The problem was that it was hard to identify with the characters. Most of them were forgettable. The artificial lifeforms were more interesting than the humans.

If you like the Alien movies, Covenant is essential for its role in the Alien mythology. I would actually like to watch all the movies in chronological order and see how it fits together.

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