Preaching to a Diverse Audience

Leadership and Ministry

I love my church, especially in its diversity. We are have a variety of ethnic groups, ages and people with disabilities. It is something to celebrate but it is also a challenge, especially for preaching. […]


Disabilities and Disabilities

Disability and Faith

I’m thankful that more people are talking about disabilities these days. But what do we mean by disabilities? Some may refer to “people with disabilities” as if they are one monolithic group but that is […]


How Diverse Do You Want Your Church to Be?


I have listened to a number of podcasts and read some books that have argued for increased diversity within the church. I am all for this. One of the things that I love about Queen […]


Good News: Diversity in the Church

Good News

I have really been enjoying my time as the pastor of Queen Street Baptist Church. I have been at this church for just less than a year but it feels like longer (in a good […]