10 Responses to D.M. Murdock and the Zeitgeist Movie


D.M. Murdock had an article published in the Examiner titled “Top 10 Myths About the Religion of Zeitgeist.”  These are ten responses to the Jesus myth that she thinks are false. I would like to […]


Exposing the Spirit of the Age: A Response to the Zeitgeist Movie

Apologetics and Theology

This is an article that I wrote for the first issue of Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics.  It is a response to Zeitgeist, one of the examples of the Jesus myth theory.  Despite how […]


Hope’s Reason: Volume One

The first volume of Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics is now complete.  You can find the entire issue here.  I really like how it turned out.  There are articles on Islam, teleology, resurrection, presuppositional […]


Unmasking the Pagan Christ: The Documentary

In 2004, former Anglican priest and New Testament professor Tom Harpur wrote a book called The Pagan Christ, in which he argued that there was no historical Jesus but that the Gospels are Jewish versions […]