So What’s Happening With My Thesis?

Acadia Divinity CollegeI have been in the Doctor of Ministry program at Acadia Divinity College for some time. Some people have asked is happening with my research and thesis.

My original thesis was on faith questions of Canadian Christian university students. However, I hit some snags. This included some time off in the middle due to health problems and some family issues. I lost a lot of momentum with that.

In addition, there were some issues with my research. Part of this was because I started by looking at millennials but because of the delays, we are now seeing Generation Z taking over from millennials in university.

While it was possible to update what I had already done, to be honest I had lost interest in the topic. I wasn’t passionate enough about it to do the hard work of retooling things.

I strongly considered just dropping out of the program.

However, after talking to my supervisors, I decided to start my research all over with a different topic.

While I’m still interested in apologetics (as you can see here), my passion has really shifted to Disability Theology. This reflects both my pastoral context and my biblical/theological interest.

I don’t have to retake any courses but I have started with a fresh thesis proposal (that was just accepted).

My new research topic is on Disability Ministry in small churches. I see large churches being able to put significant resources into Disability Ministry. But what about the majority of churches that are under 150 people in attendance? I believe that small churches are especially positioned to minister to people with disabilities and their families.

I’m very excited about this research and I’m thankful that Acadia is letting me do this shift. I ask for your prayers as my intention is finish my thesis this year. That will require a lot of work but I believe I can do it.

If you are considering a Doctor of Ministry program, I really recommend Acadia Divinity College.

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