Good News: Smiling Our Faces Off

Stephen BedardThis week included a day off school for our children. After spending some of the day at a church program, two of our daughters had a sleep over with friends, leaving us just with Justus. Justus asked us to take him to Niagara Go-Karts, a place he has wanted to go for a long time. My parents took me there when I was his age and I was all for passing on the memories.

Because of his age, he had to drive the 2-seater cars with me in it. But he was the one who drove the go-karts for all ten laps. The smile on Justus’s face was worth every penny. He was so happy and we were able to share that with him.

After go-karts, we hit a second hand store where he got some cool toys (and I got ten books!) and then we had dinner at Pizza Hut. When we got home, we watched together the classic, Raiders of the Lost Ark. He loved the movie. It was incredible to be able to spend a few hours just enjoying our son.

Justus has had some rough passages but this was day that filled all our emotional tanks. At one point, Justus said “I’m so happy I could smile my face off!” That evening he kept talking about how happy he was and the joy was still there the next day and more. He spontaneously hugged us and told us he loved us.

We are by no means perfect parents but this day felt like a win. This is good news.

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