Journal Articles

Apologetics JournalIf you would like to submit an article to Hope’s Reason, please take the follow steps.

  • Submit an article that is both scholarly in nature and relevant as an apologetic resource for the Church. Please format the article as close as possible to what has already been published in this journal. Submit the article to the editor.
  • The article will be sent (without the name of the article) to the peer reviewer. The reviewer will respond with a recommendation to publish as is, publish with corrections or not ready for publishing.
  • The author is to revise their article according to the comments of the reviewer and then resubmit it.
  • The article will be then published in the electronic version at that time and will later appear in the print edition.

Book Reviews

  • Hope’s Reason is able to provide free books for review. Send your request for a recent book relevant to this journal to our editor.
  • You are also welcome to review other books that you may have read recently.
  • Format your review according to the reviews that have already been published.
  • Submit your review to the editor.
  • Your book review will be published in the journal (electronic and print) as well as on our Book Reviews page.