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One of my main areas of research is the Jesus myth theory. What is the Jesus myth? This is a theory that argues that the historical Jesus never existed and that the Jesus of the Gospels is based on pagan myths. The purpose of this page is to provide links to resources dealing with the Jesus myth.

Ancient Egypt
Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Primary Sources

The best way to respond to the Jesus myth theory is to read the actual myths. They are counting on people not going to the primary sources. Once you read the myths, you will see that the parallels are only apparent when they rewrite them with biblical language.

Ancient Egypt
Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Story of Isis and Osiris

Legend of the Death and Resurrection of Horus

Isis and Osiris by Plutarch

Hymn 1 to Dionysus

Bacchae (Dionysus)

Hymns of Orpheus

The Attis of Caius Valerius Catullus


Mysteries of Mithra (This is not a primary source but is an introduction to Mithraism from both a non-Jesus myth and non-evangelical perspective)

Other Resources:

Free course (audio format) on Classical Mythology

Frequently Asked Questions

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Is Josephus’ mention of Jesus a forgery?

Josephus did mention Jesus but unfortunately a well-meaning Christian added to his description in an attempt to make Jesus look more exalted. There is also an uncontested mention of Jesus in the account of the death of Jesus’ brother James.

Are the Gospels disqualified as historical sources because they are included in Scripture?

Inclusion in the Christian canon has no bearing on the historical value of the Gospels.

Are the Gospels disqualified as historical sources because they are biased?

There are no writings, ancient or modern, that are unbiased. We need to be aware of the bias and work with what we have.

Did the Apostle Paul only speak of the glorified Christ?

While Paul’s emphasis is on the resurrected Jesus and our current relationship with him, he did speak of Jesus during his earthly ministry and even quoted him. See this article.

Was Horus born of a virgin?

Horus was conceived through sexual intercourse between Isis and Osiris (who was dead at the time) and it is unlikely that Isis was a virgin before this.

Is Mithras a dying and rising god?

Nowhere in the Mithras myth is he killed, much less resurrected.



2 thoughts on “Jesus Myth Theory”

  1. I can understand that it is hard for a some of you who do not know God, or raehtr, is not known by God’ to understand how one can say, Jesus is the reason my life .etc. etc because you do not have faith, or at least the faith you have is trust in yourselves, which even you know does not work because of your life experiences. The truth is, God, Jesus (God’s Son), the Holy Spirit, the Bible, Creation, the existence of matter, space, time, science, and everything else which exists can be proven by Reason, that its origin comes from God, and Jesus His Son. But I will not go there because many of you will deliberately choose not to believe this and I will be feeding my pearls to the swine’. To make Christianity clear is this: We are all sinners. Those who don’t believe, those who kinda believer, and those who do believe. Without God, there would be no hope for any of us the lost, and we, the chosen’. Folks, I did not choose to become a Christian but God chose me for, There is no one who is good. Not even one. and There is NO ONE who seeks after God .all have turned their own way and become worthless to God. Even I! But because God is completely just in condemning all of us because of rebellion, He too is completely love. If God would not have sent His Son to earth to die for us, while we were still worthless, or sinners’ then God would be a liar in that He would call Himself Love. So God, being complete in everything that he is, because he is not a man that he would have to repent’ sent His Son, or, came Himself to be one of us to understand us because God could not understand us without becoming one of us, was tempted in every way, yet without sin’ and died for the sinner, us. And who is us? Those who will be saved before the end. And I’m sorry that you will not be able to partake in it because of your unbelief’. But Christ died for the Christian’s unbelief, otherwise, he would not have paid the full price. But you remain lost because you are not a chosen race, or priesthood’. Or for now I suppose. Maybe God will prove us wrong and He will change your minds. I’m sorry!

  2. Brother, Praise the Lord for the work that you have done! its awesome to know, because i too see this a major threat to the Testimony. My name is Chris and i’m active duty military and stationed overseas. i am not a scholar but i am well read. Unfortunately many Brethren try just to dismiss the Jesus Myth Theory. I have read you book and will continue to read all your posted resources. However i have also read many books from the opposition. I do truly believe there is some credibility to a few things that i would like to talk to you about and ask that i feel was not answered in your book “Unmasking the Jesus Myth theory” If you have the time may i contact you with some of these questions? please let me know.

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