Titans: Season One – Review

I was pretty excited when I heard that a live action Titans series was being made. I was then disappointed that it was going to be available only on the DC streaming service. Then I was excited again when I heard it was appearing in Canada on Netflix.

To be honest, I heard some bad things about the series and much of the criticism was the same. Too much mindless violence. I agree with the violence but not about it being mindless.

Titans is not violent just to attract viewers but because it is exploring what we feel comfortable about in comic books. An important element of the series is the effect on Robin of growing up with Batman and his violence. Robin’s violence is not an attraction but an addiction.

I grew up on the New Teen Titans of the Marv Wolfman and George Perez days. In many ways, this series harkens back to those days (except with a generous amount of profanity added).

The plot concerns a young girl named Rachel (Raven) who has mysterious and frightening powers. She knows she has something dark inside and she is desperate for help. This brings her into contact with Dick Grayson (Robin), Kory Anders (Starfire) and Garfield Logan (Beast Boy/Changeling). She discovers, as comic book fans already knew, that she was the daughter of the demon Trigon.

There were a lot of highlights for me. This included the treatment of Hawk and Dove. I would be happy with a Hawk and Dove series. Then there was the Doom Patrol. I always loved the Doom Patrol and I’m glad they’re getting their own series.

As soon as the trailers appeared, there was harsh criticism about the appearance of Kory Anders. Some may of not liked that they chose a black actress, but I don’t understand that as she is not white in the comics. However, I did hate her clothing. She looked like a 70s prostitute, which I assume was intentional. But I hated. Thankfully she gets a better outfit near the end of the first season.

Gar Logan needed some work but I’m sure that is coming. It disappointed me that he only turned into a tiger. They explained it that it was his favourite animal. The real reason was likely the cost of cgi. I think that is the reason for the lack of Cyborg as well. But in that case, he will be introduced in the Doom patrol.

I really liked the portrayal of Dick Grayson and Donna Troy. That felt like it got lifted right out of the 80s comics. Sometimes you have trouble seeing certain actors as portraying certain superheroes, but in this case it felt perfect.

The other thing I liked was that this series didn’t have to introduce characters from scratch. In this universe, there is already a Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Justice League. Unlike the DC movies where the universe has to be built, this series gives us a glimpse of a universe that already exists.

The first season of the Titans ended on a major cliffhanger. I’m really looking forward to what they do with all that has taken place.

I’m also looking forward to further investigating the Titans mythos. I expect we will see Cyborg, since he has already been cast. I’m not sure if we will see Wally West (Kidflash) or Roy Harper (Speedy), since they are part of the Arrowverse. But I could see Garth (Aqualad) making an appearance.

Some people didn’t like Titans because it was so dark. I saw this as DC trying to be DC instead of trying to be Marvel. I wouldconsider this the best DC live action TV series out there.

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