When Christians Disagree

DisagreeWe should expect Christians to disagree on a wide range of things. We are human and that means we can be mistaken and we can prefer our own way.

Disagreements among Christians is NOT evidence for the falsity of Christianity. Scientists disagree on all sorts of things. Just take a look at the numerous theories about the origin of the universe. People will always interpret evidence differently.

The reason I’m writing this is more specific. At this time there is a very public disagreement between two very well known Christians. I don’t have to include their names because in six months there will be two different Christians having just as an emotional debate.

We need to remember that these disagreements are never just in house. The world watches how we deal with our disagreements, even more so with social media.

It is okay for us to have differences of opinion. I would even say that it is healthy. What is not good is when we get nasty.

I understand when a person is confident in their convictions but that doesn’t give them the right to publicly attack the other person be disrespectful.

No one should do this but Christians should especially avoid this behaviour. It turns off non-Christians. It injures the body of Christ. It disappoints God.

We do not have to avoid a conversation but we should think carefully how we will present ourselves and how we will treat others that we differ with.


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