Good News: Youth Group

Good News

Queen Street Baptist Church is a fairly small church but one with a long history of youth groups. When I had arrived, the senior high group had just graduated and moved on. We had a […]


What to Do When Your Child Says They No Longer Believe

Apologetics and Theology

Of all the roles that I have, the one I feel the most pressure for is that of a parent, especially a Christian parent. I want my children to grow up to be good and […]


Helping Children to Understand

Disability and Faith

There has been a lot of work done to promote awareness, understanding and acceptance for those with special needs. That is wonderful, but most of that is aimed at helping adults. What about the children? […]


How to Explain Autism to a Child With Autism


While Logan and Abby’s autism is severe enough that we don’t have to have this conversation, for those that are higher functioning, this is a real issue. How should you go about having this conversation? […]