What Colour is Your Communion Bread?


What does your communion bread look like? Some churches use wafers and some use pieces of actual bread. What colour is your communion bread? I’m a Baptist and generally we have used little squares of […]


Good News: First Communion

Good News

Today may have been one of the most amazing mornings at church in my life. I shared a couple of weeks ago about how we brought our son with autism to church for the first […]


Batman v Superman – Communion Deleted Scene

Batman v Superman

This looks intriguing. Makes me look forward to where DC goes with this. Hopefully they don’t get spooked by the bad reviews.


Best Communion

This morning at Queensway, in addition to preaching, I had the privilege of leading communion. One of the things that was different this morning (other than that I was involved) was that the children were […]


Hugh Halter on the Church

This week I have been at our denominational Assembly.  Our speaker this year has been Hugh Halter.  I have enjoyed what he has had to say and I thought I would comment on what I […]