Views on Human Origins

I recently did a Twitter poll on people’s beliefs on human origins. Here are the results.

Obviously the numbers are not large enough to prove anything scientific. But the results are interesting nonetheless.

What do these results tell us? They tell us that there is diversity in views among sincere Christians. There are many instances when Christians have attacked each other over these issues. This should not be.

It is good for us to hold our views strongly that doesn’t mean that we should be intolerant of other opinions.

If you are interested in this, I would recommend this sermon that I preached on my church.


Creationism and Evangelism

When I first became a Christian, one of the hardest things that I had to deal with was not persecution but how to deal with Genesis 1. I always hated reading that chapter. It was not so much the question of evolution but the age of the earth. The Christians I knew expected me to believe in a 6000 year old earth and a literal six day creation. Believing in young earth creationism was just as important as believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus. To paraphrase the Catholics, there is no salvation outside of young earth creationism.

This is not meant as an attack on young earth creationism. You could substitute any of the other theories here. My point is that I did not know that there were other options. This brings me to my question. How important is getting a seeker to agree with your version of creationism in your evangelism? Would you insist that they agree with your understanding of the age of the earth as an essential to them becoming a Christian? Would you be okay with them having a different understanding of creation as they became a Christian or would you feel that their “error” would lead them on a slippery slope to other theological problems?

I will tell you what I think. If I was sharing my faith, I would not care what they thought of the age of the earth. If they were interested (I would not even bring it up unless they did), I would share the options and let them work it out.

Having said that, what would you do? I would love to hear your opinion.