Research That Demonstrates the Need For Apologetics


I continue to hear from Christian leaders that there is no need for apologetics. People are looking for community and experience and are not impacted by intellectual arguments. Apologetics belonged a modernistic vision of the […]


The Four Rs of Good Apologetics

Apologetics and Theology

It takes much more than an excitement or appreciation about apologetics to be a good apologist. You can have read dozens of apologetics books and have listened to all the best podcasts and still be […]


Autism-Vaccine Research and Why It Won’t Matter

Disability and Faith

There has been a new research study that has looked into the potential relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. You can find the research findings in this article from the Journal of the American […]


Nonverbal Does Not Mean Unintelligent


People say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But we do it all the time. This includes how we look at people with autism. Two of our children with autism are considered […]


Overhaul of Our Understanding of Why Autism Potentially Occurs

This is an article provided by the University of Montreal for Medical Express. An analysis of autism research covering genetics, brain imaging, and cognition led by Laurent Mottron of the University of Montreal has overhauled […]


Discovery of the ADHD Gene?

There is an increasing number of children being diagnosed with ADHD. While there are some questions about how many of those children actually have ADHD, it is still a major problem. The ideal situation would […]


Does Autism Prevent Alzheimer’s?


Some new research has suggested that people with Asperger’s and high functioning autism may have a lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s. It is an interesting hypothesis although I am not sure of the practical implications. […]


Parents and Autism

Some research has demonstrated that parents of children with autism often also have some autistic traits. I did not need a research study to tell me that. I see all sorts of autistic traits in […]


Developmental Regression and Autism

There is much interest in the regressive form of autism. This is of interest to me as our son experienced this regression, although our daughter did not. If you are interested, you may find this […]


Autism is Not the Only Disorder That is Growing

Many people are very concerned about the huge increase in autism diagnoses. But it is fair to ask about how autism compares with other neurological disorders. A recent study looked at the prevalence of autism, attention […]


The Biological Basis For ADHD

In most cases ADHD is diagnosed by observation of behaviours. This has led some people to doubt that ADHD is a real disorder. Maybe it is just rowdy young people that parents want medicated to […]


The High Cost of Autism

I have blogged about this before but it is worth returning to. Another study has revealed the high cost of autism. According to this article, “Autism costs the UK more than heart disease, cancer and […]