Blog Coaching

Blog Coaching

Why You Need Blog Coaching

You work hard at blogging on topics related to Christian faith. You may be a pastor, a parent, a speaker or some other thought leader. You put together your thoughts and offer it out to the blog-reading public. After all your work, only your mother and your spouse read your post and you are ready to give up. There has to be a better way.

Blog Coaching

Why I Offer Blog Coaching

Stephen BedardI have been blogging for over ten years and have had at different times, eight separate blogs. Not only have I started a number of my own blogs, I was also involved in the creation of the Faith Today blog while I was the associate editor of Faith Today magazine.

Why do I bring all this up?

I have a desire to help other Christian bloggers become better at what they are doing. I read some great content on Christian blogs but notice little things that perhaps limits the amount of engagement they receive. There is so much more that creating good material and hitting publish.

For the last couple of years I have been compiling a list of the top ten apologetics blogs (you can find the most recent top ten here). Although I use the Alexa ranking to compile the list, I can see the correlation between the ranking and certain characteristics of the blog. I believe I have a learned a lot from both my own experience and the blogging of others.

What is Blog Coaching?

I would like to offer my help to other Christian bloggers by providing a blog audit for your blog. This would include an evaluation of your blog, both positive and negative, as well as list of actionable items that will improve your blogging. I will also give you access to my blogging resources page where you will find helpful information on blogging, as well as my list f recommended WordPress plugins and other online tools.

How Much is Blog Coaching?

I will be happy to do this for whatever you think it is worth once you receive my recommendations. You can donate whatever amount into my PayPal account and that is good.

If this is something you are interested in, please email me and we can begin to discuss how to bring your blogging to the next level. Also, please check out these articles on Christian blogging. You can find more resources on my Twitter and Facebook pages.

What Qualifications Do I Have?

In addition to a degree in marketing and practical experience in the area of blogging and social media, I am also Inbound Certified with HubSpot Academy.

What Else Do I Offer?

As a pastor, I believe every church should have a website. I offer extremely affordable website creation for churches for a one-time fee and no ongoing cost for hosting. Find out more here.

Blog Coaching